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When it comes to making crow’s feet and frown lines disappear, many people turn to Botox®. This cosmetic injection provides consistent, reliable results without downtime. NuYou Beauty provides Botox injections at its boutique medspa in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The nurse injector has extensive training with the top injectors and plastic surgeons in the area and can help you achieve your beauty goals. Call the medspa or schedule your Botox consultation online today.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox?

Botox is a popular cosmetic injection that temporarily reduces the appearance of facial expression lines and wrinkles. The muscle-relaxing cosmetic injection most often treats:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead wrinkles

NuYou Beauty uses Botox Cosmetic and Dysport®, which is similar to Botox, for the reduction of dynamic wrinkles.  

How does Botox work?

Botox temporarily stops facial muscle movement. Facial expressions are one of the factors that contribute to the etched-in lines around your eyes and on your forehead. 

Every time you squint or frown, your facial muscles create grooves, causing your skin to fold. As you get older and your skin thins and loses its natural elasticity, your repeated facial expressions create more permanent etched-in lines.

Botox stops the muscle movement that causes the skin folding, giving your skin the opportunity to relax and smooth itself out. 

Botox works great at reducing the appearance of facial expression lines and wrinkles but may not help with wrinkles that sun damage or volume loss cause. 

NuYou Beauty offers many beauty treatments to help you achieve your beauty goals and may suggest fillers to help smooth out lines and wrinkles from volume loss and sun damage. 

What happens during Botox injections?

Your nurse injector at NuYou Beauty customizes your Botox injections to match your needs and goals. After cleansing your skin with an antibacterial agent, they administer small amounts of Botox in the desired area.

You may need anywhere from 5-12 injections, depending on your beauty needs and goals. Botox injections cause little pain and take only a few minutes.

Though you may notice redness at the site of your injections, there’s no need for downtime following a Botox session. 

However, the aesthetic experts at NuYou Beauty recommend you wait at least two hours before engaging in strenuous physical activity following your beauty treatment to prevent bruising. 

How long does Botox last?

Botox is a temporary cosmetic injection, and results last anywhere from 3-6 months. The aesthetic specialists at NuYou Beauty recommend you schedule your next Botox session as soon as you notice a return of your lines and wrinkles.

Regular Botox injections not only help you maintain your youthful look but may also prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming.

Call NuYou Beauty or schedule your Botox consultation online today.