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Eyelash Extensions Specialist

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If you don’t love your natural lashes but really hate applying false lashes every day, NuYou Beauty offers a great alternative at its Langhorne, Pennsylvania, medspa: eyelash extensions. With eyelash extensions, you can customize your eyelash look, from subtle to dramatic, with no need to remove and apply lashes at all. Simply schedule fill-ins every three weeks or so to effortlessly maintain gorgeous lashes. Call the medspa or book your appointment online with the experienced lash artist.

Eyelash Extensions Q&A

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a way to add extra volume and length to your natural eyelashes using false-but-natural-looking lashes. NuYou Beauty offers on-site eyelash extensions of all types, allowing you to customize your look. 

What are the different types of eyelash extensions?

There are three main types of eyelash extensions:


Classic lashes are the most subtle and natural-looking type of eyelash extensions. They add significant length but don't dramatically increase the volume of your eyelashes. Your lash artist applies classic lashes using a 1:1 ratio: one extension for one natural lash.  


Volume lashes can range from quite natural-looking to very exotic and dramatic. You can have anywhere from two to six lashes applied for every one of your natural lashes, but the more lashes you have per natural lash, the less natural they appear.


Hybrid extensions give you aspects of both classic and volume lashes. They're mainly classic lashes, but about a third of the lashes are volume lashes. Hybrid extensions use this mix of lashes to give you nice volume while still maintaining a natural appearance. 

Your lash artist at NuYou Beauty can discuss your needs and wishes with you to help you decide on the right extensions for you.

How often do I need maintenance for eyelash extensions?

Maintenance routines can vary with the extensions and individual, but in general, most people need eyelash fills around every three weeks. Eyelash fills simply restore the lashes you shed with normal eyelash growth. 

What are the alternatives to eyelash extensions?

In addition to eyelash extensions, NuYou Beauty offers eyelash tinting and lifting. Tinting simply darkens your lashes to make them more visible, so they define your eyes better. 

Eyelash lifting uses the same type of solution used for hair perms to curl and lift your lashes. Together, a lash tint and lift give you the look of curling your lashes and applying mascara, without doing either.  

NuYou Beauty can make your lashes better and more beautiful, with a customized look based on the appearance you desire. Call the medspa or arrange your consultation online with the lash artist.